About us

We are dealing with breaking, grinding and distributing stone of various granulations

The company “Montenegroput” d.o.o.Bijelo Polje was founded in 2001 and is the property of the Adrovic family from Bijelo Polje, where private entrepreneurship is a long-standing tradition. It is specialized primarily for the production of building materials, earthwork and mechanization.

The database of Montenegroput d.o.o. Bijelo Polje is only 800 m away from the main highway for Berane in Bioče-Lješnica or from the circular stream on Ribarevina 18.8 km, which from the viewpoint of the coverage of the North of Montenegro makes an extraordinary view of the capacities and possibilities of both production and transport of materials and the delivery of concrete and the construction of works on the highway, as only 74.1 km from Matesevo.

Within the company “Montenegroput” d.o.o.Bijelo Polje there are licensed engineers as well as experts of all profiles necessary for this type of work. The company owns a concrete base with auto mixers, concrete pumps as well as state-of-the-art crushing plants, both stationary and self-propelled, as well as modern dumpers, scaffolds, excavators, conveyor belts, drilling rigs, etc.

In our possession we have crushing plants (rotary crushers and hammerers) and a specialized crushing plant for the production of rock hangers for railway curtains which is unique in Montenegro as well as in the wider region.

Currently, on the territory of the North of Montenegro as well as in the wider region, we can be competitive for all types of construction materials, both in price and quality, where the stone is certainly the highest quality on the territory of Montenegro, which has been proved by the certificates of the renowned Institute.

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